For over 16 years, Viktoriia Bessarab—one of the most experienced make-up artists in the Ukrainian fashion and beauty market—has become the favorite to celebrities, designers, TV directors and photographers of Eastern Europe. In 2015 she became the first student from Kiev to study at Cinema Makeup School, and in 2016 she took second place in IMATS Los Angeles’ Battles of the.

Bessarab’s prosthetic make-up artwork has become revolutionary in Ukraine. Bessarab created images for top Ukrainian musicals such as Baron Munchausen and The Guardians of Dreams. She was also chief make-up artist for TV projects So You Think You Can Dance UA, The X-Factor UA, Dancing with the Stars, Ukraine’s Got Talent and Next Top Model UA.

At her eponymous Media Academy, Bessarab helps make-up beginners learn first steps and the skills required for a pro career. Her students include hundreds of make-up artists from Ukraine and beyond.