Mark Garbarino, is a creator of special makeup effects, prosthetic character designer, builder of creature suits, puppets and props, since 1983. Received a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of South Florida. Lived in New York City from 1983-1987. Worked as one of the four art directors for club AREA from 1983-86, sculpted for the 80’s painter Kenny Scharf. Made honey comb cereal costumes, giant octopus arms, green gorilla suits, then relocated to Hollywood, California in 1987. Garbarino began specializing in special make-up effects, and contributing puppets for such films as Serpent and the Rainbow, The Abyss, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Hot Shots 2, Virus, Hellraiser 4, and Bicentennial Man.

Music Video makeups for Madonna’s Bed Time Story, Sonic Youth’s Little Trouble Girl, Busta Rhymes’ Gimme Some more, Pink by Aerosmith and more. Print work magazine covers for Vanity Fair of Jim Carry, and Detour of Gillian Anderson. 1995 Emmy certificate of participation for Babylon 5, 1995 Season 1 Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist. 1998 Emmy certificate of participation for Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2, Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist. Emmy nominations in 1997 for Babylon 5, and again in 2003 for prosthetics on Six Feet Under. 2002, the Local 706 Hair and Make-Up Awards, Nominated Nick Marra and Garbarino for best prosthetic makeup, transforming John Voight into Howard Cosell for ALI. Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist.

Garbarino spent 14 years, working on major China films, beginning with the 2003, Running on Karma. The body of work presently stands at 27 Asian film credits. Some are notable, including: Chasing the Dragon, Special ID, The Monkey King 2012, Warlords, Bodyguards and Assassins, and Fearless. Bodyguards and Assassins, Warlords and Running on Karma (Daai Chek Liu), were all winners of the Hong Kong Film Award’s “Best Costume and Make-up Design,” and won for “Best Picture” and “Best Actor,” Andy Lau.
Garbarino has taught a special effects make-up course for the Shanghai Theater Academy, November of 2004. Listed are some memorable film participations: Guardians of the
Galaxy 3, True Adventures of Wolfboy, Captain Marvel, Avengers:Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2, Baby Driver, Straight Out of Compton, The
Scorch Trials, Star Trek: Into the Darkness and Star trek 2009, Soul Surfer, Cabin In the Woods, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 5, Nutty
Professor 2, Pearl Harbor, Artificial Intelligence, and Ali.

Mark Garbarino still works, creating Makeup Effects and as a
prosthetic artist, based in Los Angeles, California.