Federica Castelli is an Italian special makeup artist and workshop technician.

She is self tough and began her career in the industry in 2015 after studying for a few months with the artist Elisa Ferrotto. Later she started a close collaboration with Andrea Leanza (with whom she worked on over 14 movies in the past 7 years). She has worked on many different Italian and international projects in collaboration with makeup artists, Valter Casotto, Martina Sandonà, Lorenzo Tamburini, Valentina Visintin, and workshops like Cosmesis (South Africa), DDT group (for a project in New Zeland), and EffektStudion (Sweden).

Last year, together with Andrea Leanza, she won the Italian award “David di Donatello” for best make up in Gianni Amelio’s movie “Hammamet” where they transformed the Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino into the renowned politician Bettino Craxi.

Selected movies she has worked on are: House of Gucci, Last Voyage of the Demeter, A classic Horror Story, The Traitor, The first King, Season 2 of the tv show Genius, Suspiria, Resident Evil VI.