For over 25 years, Ms. Greco has assisted her client maneuver and succeed through California’s civil legal system.  Whether in court or analyzing her client’s contractual rights and obligation, her goal is to zealously advocate for her client and provide effective, cost-efficient and practical guidance and counsel.  Through clear and effective communication and a keen sense of justice, Ms. Greco has earned the respect of her clients, opposing counsel, jurors and judges throughout the state.  She is known as a collaborative, goal orientated advocate, who can zero in on the real issues while avoiding the pitfalls of nonsense.  She takes pride in her ability to evaluate both sides of an argument and can effectively anticipate her opponents’ position so her client is informed and prepared.    No issue is too big or small and Ms. Greco understands everyone deserves to be protected and know their consumer rights.

Ms. Greco has had the privilege of representing individuals, both everyday folks and high profile celebrities, deal with a myriad of legal topics ranging from contracts, sexual abuse, #metoo, employment related issues, catastrophic injuries and death.  Her corporate clientele have included William Morris Endeavor,  Pfizer, Farmers Insurance, Walmart and multiple production companies.