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Marika D’Auteuil

“Marika hails from a small town in northern Quebec, Canada, where she searches for a way to stand out and break through the mold. Following a suggestion from her mom, she begins to experiment on herself with makeup. She develops a fascination for colors and textures and organizes photoshoots to immortalize her first creations.

She moves to Montreal at the age of 20 to pursue her dream of working in photography. Marika collaborates with as many artists as possible to quickly build her portfolio and develops her artistic and avant-garde techniques that starts to rapidly attract attention in the industry.
She has been able to count Le Cirque du Soleil, Nivea, Dior, Sephora & Make Up For Ever among her clients and her work has been seen on television as well as in international magazines and on Fashion Week runways.

She now teaches master classes since 2018 which has allowed her to teach and do presentations in Canada, United States, France, Mexico and Colombia.”`

Mark Garbarino

Mark Garbarino, is a creator of special makeup effects, prosthetic character designer, builder of creature suits, puppets and props, since 1983. Received a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of South Florida. Lived in New York City from 1983-1987. Worked as one of the four art directors for club AREA from 1983-86, sculpted for the 80’s painter Kenny Scharf. Made honey comb cereal costumes, giant octopus arms, green gorilla suits, then relocated to Hollywood, California in 1987. Garbarino began specializing in special make-up effects, and contributing puppets for such films as Serpent and the Rainbow, The Abyss, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Hot Shots 2, Virus, Hellraiser 4, and Bicentennial Man.

Music Video makeups for Madonna’s Bed Time Story, Sonic Youth’s Little Trouble Girl, Busta Rhymes’ Gimme Some more, Pink by Aerosmith and more. Print work magazine covers for Vanity Fair of Jim Carry, and Detour of Gillian Anderson. 1995 Emmy certificate of participation for Babylon 5, 1995 Season 1 Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist. 1998 Emmy certificate of participation for Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2, Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist. Emmy nominations in 1997 for Babylon 5, and again in 2003 for prosthetics on Six Feet Under. 2002, the Local 706 Hair and Make-Up Awards, Nominated Nick Marra and Garbarino for best prosthetic makeup, transforming John Voight into Howard Cosell for ALI. Optic Nerve FX makeup coordinator and artist.

Garbarino spent 14 years, working on major China films, beginning with the 2003, Running on Karma. The body of work presently stands at 27 Asian film credits. Some are notable, including: Chasing the Dragon, Special ID, The Monkey King 2012, Warlords, Bodyguards and Assassins, and Fearless. Bodyguards and Assassins, Warlords and Running on Karma (Daai Chek Liu), were all winners of the Hong Kong Film Award’s “Best Costume and Make-up Design,” and won for “Best Picture” and “Best Actor,” Andy Lau.
Garbarino has taught a special effects make-up course for the Shanghai Theater Academy, November of 2004. Listed are some memorable film participations: Guardians of the
Galaxy 3, True Adventures of Wolfboy, Captain Marvel, Avengers:Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2, Baby Driver, Straight Out of Compton, The
Scorch Trials, Star Trek: Into the Darkness and Star trek 2009, Soul Surfer, Cabin In the Woods, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 5, Nutty
Professor 2, Pearl Harbor, Artificial Intelligence, and Ali.

Mark Garbarino still works, creating Makeup Effects and as a
prosthetic artist, based in Los Angeles, California.

Neal Martz

Neal was born in Flushing, New York. He went to John Bowne High School and worked part time as a carpenter. There he meets his painting teacher and mentor Theophil Groell. Attending CUNY Queens College and graduating with the honor of Summa Cum Laude. He was taught by the sculptor Richard McDermott Miller, becomes his studio assistant for a few years, and they stayed good friends. Sadly, Neal brought Miller to his studio for his last time.

His first job after college was with The Museum of Natural History in New York City. One of the dioramas he made figures for were of the Yakuts for the “Yakut Hut” in the Asian Hall. [seen in this site]. He then becomes acquainted with the makeup artist Dick Smith and was hired to work on the movie “The Hunger” starring David Bowie. On the movie he also would meet his friend Carl Fullerton. Neal becomes a member of IATSE local 798 makeup artist union and worked for years on many films and tv shows.

Todd McIntosh

Todd McIntosh is a Film & TV Industry veteran with a weighty 43 years of active experience. Todd’s opinion has always been that one should be capable of doing all forms of the craft of Makeup – and his career exemplifies his philosophy. As a teacher, Todd’s advice to students is, “Every skill you are without, is a job you are without!”

Born in California, but raised in Victoria and Vancouver, Todd’s interest in Makeup was sparked when he first saw a TV Soap Opera called Dark Shadows at the age of seven. Cardboard fangs soon gave way to professional techniques as, over the next decade, Todd studied any book on Makeup he could find, and carefully observed TV shows and Films to discover their Makeup secrets. Todd rigorously practiced what he learned – after his homework was done, of course! There were very few (if any) Makeup Schools at this time and certainly none in Victoria BC Canada. There followed several years working in the local theatres where Todd would assist the Actors with their Makeup on over 30 productions. During this time, Makeup giants, like Dick Smith, Rick Baker and Michael Westmore became Todd’s heroes. Beyond scrutinizing what he saw of their work on-screen, Todd took special note of his heroes’ working techniques and studied everything he could about them. Todd became an early student of the Dick Smith Correspondence Course, and it would be years later that one of his heroes, Michael Westmore, with whom Todd would work on Clan of the Cave Bear and Masters of the Universe, who would give Todd’s career that extra push.

In 1978 Todd was hired by the CBC, (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), starting his professional career and there he worked on everything from the news, to variety shows and local TV dramas. The CBC honed his skills in beauty and glamour makeup, thus opening doors that often remain closed to artists who specialize in only one kind of Makeup.

In subsequent years Todd’s list of credits became lengthy and impressive as he gained reputation and experience in Vancouver’s, then fledgling, film industry. In the midst of this flush of work, Todd found time to teach, and write the curriculum for the Blanche MacDonald Institute’s Makeup Division, where, now 30-plus years later, he still holds the Executive Director’s title, and actively participates in the school. During this period of his career, Todd was, for several years, Chairman of the Makeup Department in Vancouver IATSE Local, 891.

After working as a motivator on the Vancouver scene, Todd decided to pursue his birthright and try his hand in the center of the Film Business; Hollywood. In 1990 Todd moved to Los Angeles and began his career all over again. Working initially as a second to established Hollywood Makeup Artists, Todd fleshed out his resume with projects such as, City Slickers I & II, Mr. Saturday Night, Robin Hood; Men In Tights, and later as a Department Head on Dracula; Dead And Loving It! and many television shows.

The move south paid off as Todd garnered two Emmy awards and a further 12 nominations as well as being honored by his peers with a Hollywood Local 706 Guild Award. His first Emmy was for Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, where Todd juggled both his Beauty Makeup and Special Makeup Effects skills as Department Head for 6 seasons of the show. In 2009 Todd won his second Emmy as Department Head on the show, Pushing Daisies.

Laughingly calling himself a graduate of the school of hard knocks, Todd’s many years of work, self-teaching and discipline have been rewarding both personally and professionally; but without hesitation Todd acknowledges that there are cycles to both lives and careers and that bravely crossing those thresholds when they present themselves leads to new adventures and growth. One of those doorways Todd has chosen is retirement from the active film industry, though Todd will always continue to share his knowledge and skill with students both in the United States and Canada.

“The art of Makeup is as complex as the art of engaging with people. A Makeup Artist must be a technician, a politician, an artist and a psychiatrist; Part chemist and part administrator. It is a career that requires skills from all arenas of life.”

Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau is an actress, director, producer and writer. As an actress, highlights include her role as Drusilla on Joss Whedon’s BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & spin-off ANGEL and co-starring in Tim Burton’s ED WOOD as Loretta King.  Last season she played the recurring role of Rita Tedesco on Amazon’s number one series, BOSCH. She started shooting the recurring role of Cordelia on TNT’s CLAWS before quarantine.

Juliet just helmed her visionary, feature film directorial debut, A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD. An incredibly personal film, Juliet likens telling this revealing tale to skinning herself alive. She stars in the venture, which includes cameos with Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Joss Whedon and Anne Rice, appearing for the first time in a movie.

Also in the works and partially completed is THE UNDEAD SERIES. Think Jerry Seinfeld’s COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE… This is VAMPIRES IN COFFINS GETTING BLOOD! … It’s the only series ever to gather the A-list of the genre together. Every one of the talented artists in A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD came back to participate in her series, as did Tim Burton, Willem Dafoe and many other notables.

Other acting work includes starring opposite Whoopi Goldberg in THEODORE REX as well as starring in over 20 other films, appearing in many more, guest-starring frequently on television, extensive voiceover work in features, tv, video games and garnering rave reviews for her roles in the theater.

Juliet’s previous directorial efforts include two short subjects. TAKE FLIGHT explored Gary Oldman’s creative process and was produced by Gary. DREAM OUT LOUD featured interviews with Guillermo del Toro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rian Johnson. Both projects were produced with her husband Deverill Weekes under the Miss Juliet Productions banner.

Landau co-wrote two issues of the ANGEL comic book for IDW. She is now penning the companion coffee table book to THE UNDEAD SERIES called BOOK OF THE UNDEAD.

David Deleon

I absolutely love being a makeup artist and one of the groups I have a great affinity for are mature women. Older women are the largest growing demographic in the world and Hollywood and the world of advertising are finally beginning to take notice of these glorious  women. 

My mature clients are starring in films and television shows, gracing magazine covers and heading up cosmetic campaigns. I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored that these women trust their legendary faces to me.

My philosophy on beauty is anyone can look amazing at every stage in life. The great thing about makeup is that their are endless opportunities to experiment and create the look you want to project. There’s no one or right way to look. Women of every age should feel confident to wear any style of makeup they desire.

Making up can be a fun and even empowering experience. My job is to facilitate that with the greatest skills I can muster. 

Howard Berger

Howard Berger is co-founder of special makeup effects studio KNB EFX Group, Inc. He has worked as a makeup artist for over 38 years starting as a teenager working for Stan Winston on Predator, Aliens and Pumpkin Head. He worked for his idol Rick Baker on Harry and the Hendersons. In 1988 he formed KNB with his best friend and business partner Gregory Nicotero. Berger has won an Academy Award, BAFTA, Emmy and Saturn Award through his career. His favorite films he has worked on are Army of Darkness, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Hitchcock, which again he was nominated for an Oscar. He continues to work as a department head and educate the next generation of make-up artists.

Kevin Haney

Kevin started his professional career in 1978 assisting Dick Smith in his Larchmont laboratory on the film “Altered States”. He received a staff
position at NBC where he worked on “Saturday Night Live” and “Live at 8H”, and other shows.

In 1989 Kevin won an Academy Award for “Driving Miss Daisy” where he created last minute aging makeups for Dan Akroyd. He was reunited with NBC makeup artist John Caglione for “Dick Tracy”. “The Addams Family” “The Babe”, ”Death Becomes Her”, “Addams Family Values”, “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Air Force One”. His television work included two T.V. movies with Jason Robards “The Perfect Tribute”, where Robards played Abraham Lincoln, and “Mark Twain and Me”. His Mark Twain makeup earned him an Emmy. He currently has a total of 6 Emmys. In the theater his Truman Capote makeup on Robert Morse in “Tru” won a NY Drama Desk award and an L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award. He continues to consult with makeup artists and actors, he provides support, formulas, and prosthetics.

Craig Reardon

Make-up artist Craig Reardon worked with Rick Baker on projects including The Incredible Shrinking Woman, The Funhouse and An American Werewolf in London.  

He worked with his idol and mentor Dick Smith on Altered States. Additional film credits include Poltergeist, Dreamscape, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Weird Science, The Goonies,TV movies including The Dreamer of Oz and 90’s TV shows Star TrekDeep Space NineBuffy the Vampire Slayer and The X Files.

Peter Montagna

Peter Montagna has been working in television and film for more than 31 years. Film credits include The Hunger, The Princess Bride and Hitchcock, and television credits include Today, Late Night with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

Montagna was nominated for an Academy Award and an Emmy. He has won a CableAce and Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award.

Scott Essman

Scott Essman is the creative director of Visionary Media, and has been writing and producing projects about motion picture craftsmanship and Hollywood history since the 1980s. In 1996, he created his first special live event, a tribute to makeup artist Dick Smith. He is also the creator of many subsequent tributes programs such as tributes to: John Chambers and Planet of the Apes; The Wizard of Oz in concert with Warner Bros Studios; Jack Pierce—The Man Behind The Monsters; silent film star Lon Chaney at Universal Studios’ CityWalk; and the Westmores of Hollywood at the first Monsterpalooza genre convention. Since 2002, he has also created numerous DVD documentaries and video interviews for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, including featurettes for Van Helsing, Dawn of the Dead, and The Chronicles of Riddick. In 2008, Mr. Essman won a Rondo Award for Best Feature Film Commentary for his work on the Legacy Set of Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s The Mummy (1932 version). Working for the American Cinema Editors, Below the Line News, MovieMaker, Cinefex, Variety, The Los Angeles Times, and many other print outlets and websites, Mr. Essman has also published over 750 articles about people who work behind-the-scenes in movies. Mr. Essman wrote and directed the narrative short film Ten Men on the Field in spring 2011, which was selected for screening at The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York for its baseball film festival. In winter 2012, he wrote and directed the short Trane and Miles which has played at several short film festivals, winning an award of merit at the Best Shorts Competition and the audience choice award at the 909 Film Festival. Mr. Essman has hosted the appearances of dozens of Hollywood filmmakers, including Adam Rifkin, Fred Dekker, Mark Verheiden, David Franzoni, and Richard Donner.

Deverill Weekes

For years as a stills photographer DEVERILL WEEKES has shot news, fashion, and celebrity profiles. His photos have graced the covers and inside pages of international and national magazines. He resides in LA with his wonderful wife.

Michael Key

Michael Key wears many hats. In addition to his Emmy® Award-winning career as a motion picture and TV make-up artist, Key is the founder and publisher of Make-Up Artist magazine and executive producer of the International Make-Up Artist Trade Shows (IMATS).

Key has contributed extensively to film and television productions including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Santa Clause 3, The Grinch, Planet of the Apes, The Other Sister, Batman & Robin, Jingle All the Way, Eraser, The Last Action Hero, Star Trek: Generations and VI, Coneheads, Patriot Games, Touched by an Angel and Alien Nation. He has also done print and ad campaigns for Nike and Nintendo and even a music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was nominated for Emmy® Awards five times, and won twice, for his work on the Star Trek television shows.

Key helped pioneer computer make-up design for film and television. He created looks for such famous faces as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsay Lohan, Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Garner, Val Kilmer, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Hopper, Kate Mulgrew and Tommy Lee Jones.

In June 1996, Make-Up Artist magazine debuted as a bimonthly publication covering all aspects of make-up artistry—from beauty to special make-up effects—in film, television, print and theater. It has become the voice of the industry, representing professional make-up artists, students and make-up enthusiasts. Make-up Artist magazine is now a major publication, with international distribution and subscribers in more than 70 countries.

In 1997 Michael pioneered the first trade show for make-up artists, The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show. IMATS has been produced in four countries on three continents and is the world’s largest celebration of make-up artistry.

Despite his hectic schedule, Key also serves on the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awards committee. He is an Emmy® Awards judge and a regular guest lecturer at international conferences, schools and trade shows.

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