A Georgian who was born in Michigan, Fatima Thomas always had an affinity for the visual. A childhood of drawing, painting, and crafting led to enrollment at the Atlanta College of Art to study painting and intaglio (printmaking by etched plates).

Her lifelong obsession with fashion and beauty inspired her to bring her talents to the industry as a make-up artist. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of cosmetics. I was a toddler, climbing on to Mom’s dresser to get her makeup so I could do myself up like Diana Ross or Lena Horne.”

In 1997, Fatima joined MAC Cosmetics, quickly excelling to the role of Trainer, in which she used her art background to help enrich other MAC makeup artists. In 2004 she was promoted to Senior Artist North America, a role well suited to her love of artistry, affording her opportunities to create, share and educate. She has worked with numerous celebrities and fashion industry taste makers including Chromat, Haus Alkire, and Gypsy Sport