Growing up in the Midwest, and as an avid fan of classic horror movies, Brian aspired to be a solid contribution to the makeup effects industry in Hollywood.  His talents eventually led him to the workshop, particularly the mold department.  With over 25 years of mold experience, Brian has worked on countless projects in the motion picture, television, and commercial industries including multiple Oscar and Emmy award winning projects; working with Rick Baker, Greg Cannom, Todd Masters, Steve Johnson, Rob Bottin, Vincent Van Dyke, Mike Marino, Kazu Hiro, Spectral Motion, MEG, ODD, Illusion Industries, ADI, Jim Henson’s, Matthew Mungle, and others. And, as one of the top mold makers in the industry, he has also supervised mold departments for Göran Lundström, Christien Tinsley, Glenn Hetrick, Jason Hamer, Jose Fernandez, and Joel Harlow.