Armando Kole, also known as Kole MUA, is a certified celebrity makeup artist that is making his mark in the world of professional makeup. At just 13 years old; Armando was balancing middle school by day and bridal parties by weekend. With his now 5 years of experience, Armando has not only worked with some of the most prominent celebrities in the industry, but has even created his own signature “soft matte glam” style that has caught wind in the beauty world and inspired many other makeup artists to take his classes and learn his techniques to emulate onto their own clients. Because of it’s popularity, this past year he released his own eyeshadow palette called “Served Soft”, giving makeup artists and makeup lovers alike the opportunity to recreate his signature look on their own.

At an early age, Armando found his passion in art through drawing and pop culture. He would paint faces and eyes, even on his own arms, to bring his ideas to a skin canvas. While taking his natural talents and self taught knowledge to the next level at Artist Makeup Academy; it wasn’t always easy for Armando.
He had created his “@Kole_MUA” Instagram handle, purposely leaving out his first name, to hide his passion from his peers in school, in fear of being bullied. However, concealing his talent was short-lived when Armando was quickly noticed for his ability. Featured in the American Student Association, Armando started as a role model for young individuals looking to already start professional careers. He was quickly respected by not only his peers, but his teachers alike. While maintaining good grades in his honors curriculum based school, he balanced his already developing professional life with grace and ease. Though he’s young, Armando has a broad perspective on makeup and is constantly learning and growing. Despite having his own signature style, Armando has explored and is well capable of many genres of makeup – ranging from “No makeup” makeup, to bridal, to celebrity makeup, and even more adventurous mediums such as editorial, theatrical, and SFX. Armando makes an effort to not only be knowledgeable of his own makeup aesthetic, but to remain well rounded with all aesthetics as well as past and future styles of makeup.

At the now tender age of 19, Armando is now a seasoned veteran in the world of beauty. His unique style and growing reputation has landed him top celebrity clients from Nikki Baby and Emily B to Monique Coleman, Adrienne Bailon, Lil Kim, Ashanti, and Cardi B – he has been recognized by some of the most influential power house women. You can find his work published in Ellements Magazine, Imirage Magazine, Plus Models Magazine, and Luxe Kurves as well as in campaigns with Nike, Lilly Lashes, Absolute Products, and Nalabe; just to name a few. Armando is quickly becoming a leading artist and strives to continue to learn and grow. “At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to make each and every client of mine feel like the most confident version of themselves.”