Academy Award®-nominated ’s lifelong passion for movie makeup was triggered at an early age after watching the original Planet of the Apes movie on television. Over the last 30 years, he has worked on more than 150 movies. His talent, in depth knowledge of the craft, versatility and groundbreaking technological advancements in the field of makeup effects has brought him to work on a vast array of film projects ranging from the recently released box office hit M3GAN for which he has designed and created the titular character, to creating the makeup effects for the Best Picture Academy Award winner The Revenant. Other notable film projects include Vice, X-Men Days Of Future Past, Night At The Museum, The Lighthouse, The United States VS Billie Holliday, Warm Bodies, Crawl and Barney’s Version for which he was nominated for an Academy Award®

A regular Darren Aronovsky collaborator, Morot recently broke new technological ground for his latest film The Whale by being the first to use 3D printing technologies to create a subtle character facial and body prosthetics for a movie. Using these new techniques, Adrien created and applied the makeup for the main character in the film of Charlie played by Brendan Fraser.

Morot owns and operates 2 makeup effects studios in Montreal and Los Angeles, where he lives with his family.