Daniel Takahashi is a Mexican based artist globally recognized by his international trajectory, quality and experience in the makeup field and SFX for Film and TV Industry. As a freelance Makeup Artist and SFX Artist, Daniel helped to create and fabricate practical special effects for several feature films and TV shows, in collaboration with some important SFX Studios in the Film Industry. Some feature films and TV shows he has worked on include Skyscraper featuring Dwayne
(“The Rock”) Johnson, Power Rangers 2017, The Good Doctor, Once Upon a Time, The 100, among others.

Daniel has worked with vey iconic celebrity makeup artists in the industry, both, in beauty and in film such as Danessa Myricks, James Vincent and Emmy award winning makeup artists like Thomas E. Surprenant, Todd Masters and Toby Lindala; has collaborated with top leader brands in the market such as Bdellium Tools, Kryolan Professional Make-up, Mehron Makeup, TSCreations, DM Beauty, NYX Cosmetics and FX
Creator. Due to his talent, he has been part of the jury for some of the most renowned international makeup competitions: NYX Face Awards, International MUA Festival and Japan Connects Hollywood.

Daniel’s passion for the makeup and the special effects industry can be seen in his ability to innovate creative solutions in overcoming geographic limitations and circumnavigating obstacles in an otherwise unforgiving environment for the type of work he does. Currently, Daniel is co-owner and Founder of Takahashi Studio,