Join Curator Josh Turi on a Tour of Make-up Masterpieces at IMATS New York

Join Curator Josh Turi at the IMATS Make-up Museum in New York

At the IMATS New York 2015 Make-up Museum, you get a behind-the-scenes look at hit shows including Orange is the New Black, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Saturday Night Live.

Making up the Beatles: Riccie Johnson Shares 65 Years of Make-up at IMATS New York

Riccie Johnson

With a make-up career spanning 65 years and counting, Riccie Johnson reveals the secrets of her longevity in the make-up industry and discusses what it’s like to be a part of American history, making-up legends spanning U.S presidents to the Beatles.

Ripping Off Faces: Prosthetic Pros Mike Marino & Mike Fontaine at IMATS New York

Mike Marino, Mike Fontaine Discuss Prosthetic at IMATS New York

Couldn’t make it to IMATS New York? Watch as Oscar-winning make-up artist Robin Mathews gives you a behind-the-scenes look at IMATS in this series of [email protected] interviews with make-up legends, make-up effects masters and brand leaders.

In this [email protected] segment, make-up effects artists Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine—whose credits include Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty—dish on topics ranging from being Dick Smith protégées to ripping off faces and cutting off lips in Ryan Gosling’s Lost River.

Live from New York! It’s the IMATS Webcast, Hosted by Robin Mathews

LIVE@IMATS New York 2015 with Robin Mathews

Follow the link to watch the live IMATS webcast, taking place April 10-12 during show hours, and experience IMATS New York like never before.

Exclusive Video: IMATS L.A. 2015 Recap

IMATS L.A. 2015 beauty Battle of the Brushes, for wrap video

Click through for an exclusive video of the IMATS L.A. recap. Relive all the exciting speakers and make-ups—and catch up on what you missed.

Steve Johnson, Ve Neill, Jordu Schell and a Make-up Parade

Live@IMATS video 13: Steve Johnson, Matt Winston, Ve Neill and Jordu Schell

Award-winning artists Steve Johnson, Ve Neill and Jordu Schell are guest emcees for this make-up parade.

The Amazing Career of Ve Neill

Live@IMATS video 12: Ve Neill with Jordu Schell

Don’t miss this candid interview with Oscar winner Ve Neill.

Unique Make-up Creations From Cinema Makeup School

Live@IMATS video 11: Mike Spatola with Cinema Makeup School

In this [email protected] video segment, Cinema Makeup School’s Chief Academic Officer Mike Spatola introduces students and alumni and their make-up creations.

Missed IMATS L.A.? Join us in Vancouver

IMATS Vancouver 2015: Missed L.A.? Head to Vancouver

Don’t miss our second West Coast make-up event of the year: IMATS Vancouver 2015. An unprecedented lineup features Oscar winners Bill Corso and Joel Harlow.

‘American Horror Story’, ‘Doctor Who’ Artists Tell All!

Live@IMATS video 10: American Horror Story and Doctor Who artists interview

Watch this [email protected] video for a candid interview with Christien Tinsley (American Horror Story) and Neill Gorton (Doctor Who).