Mimi Choi Brings Her Grand Illusions to IMATS!

IMATS L.A. welcomes an extremely talented Blanche Macdonald artist: Mimi Choi. Choi pushes the boundaries of make-up and offers education to IMATS attendees that is both inspiring and informative.

Choi is a Blanche Macdonald graduate-turned-instructor. In Choi’s class—Grand Illusions—she will demonstrate her iconic Instagram make-up illusions. Choi is the real deal, folks! You will learn from the best of the best. Her Instagram illusions have generated an online following of over 340,000—with 250,000 gained in less than six months. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn her secrets!

Choi’s master class will be held in Classroom C on Friday, Jan. 12, at 9 a.m.

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