A Double Dose of Glamour and Beauty

Nicole Thompson and Carol Mackie (for M.A.C. Pro) are bringing both glamour and macro beauty to IMATS Sydney. With two demonstrations scheduled these talented make-up artists offer attendees a double dose of make-up knowledge.

Thompson and Mackie will present their “Glamour” demonstration on Saturday, July 22, exploring backstage buzz and celebrity glamour. On Sunday, July 23, the pair will present “Macro Beauty,” where they share how to achieve the most meticulous, portfolio-perfect, macro beauty shot. With these demonstrations, the pair offers a unique opportunity to learn not only how to master texture, placement and technique but how to achieve glamour that goes the distance.

This match-up of talent is something special! The two have traveled the world together painting and perfecting faces. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about their journeys through the make-up world, their successes and failures and everything in-between.