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Power-Up Your Career at IMATS

Learning from those who have gone before you is like entering Jabba’s palace with a thermal detonator. Or like having a sonic shotgun in the sci-fi world of Minority Report. Or revealing your alpha-omega bomb in Beneath Planet of the Apes. Whatever simile you like best, the idea is the same: it’s a powerful tool.

Two …

Get ‘Lost in Space’ at IMATS

If “Danger, Will Robinson!” rings a bell then you’re going to loooove this panel at IMATS Vancouver! And if it doesn’t then hold on while we educate you real quick like.

Lost in Space is an awesome sci-fi TV show recently released via Netflix and is a reimagining of the 1965 version of the same name—and …

A Neill Treat!

IMATS Vancouver is in for a wonderful treat! And just in time for Halloween no less. Make-Up Artist’s publisher and IMATS executive producer, Michael Key, will sit down with Ve Neill for a live interview on the IMATS stage!

Ve Neill is the make-up artist behind some of our favorite and most iconic movie characters. Characters …

Puttin’ on the Fitz

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick of Kat Von D Beauty’s Artistry Collective is known for her experimental, goth creations. Come learn to be bold with Fitzpatrick at IMATS Vancouver on Saturday at 10:45 a.m.

Wicked Awesome Make-up

Do you love the horror of it all? The upscale haunted houses? The over-the-top gory make-ups?

Well, lucky you! Michael Burnett will be dishing out insight at IMATS Vancouver—just in time for your next Halloween extravaganza!

Burnett knows how to achieve a ghoulishly high-level of Halloween looks. He has had experience running large-scale haunted house events like …

Knox Knox. Who’s there?

Make-up by Aaron Knox

One of the coolest in the industry! Aaron Knox, make-up artist extraordinaire, will join us at IMATS Vancouver for a booth demonstration. So, get ready to be impressed by some serious airbrushing skills.

Knox brings his creative designs to life through a range of artistic techniques. Come pick up some inside tips at the Make-Up Artist …