Make-up Museum

The Make-up Museum showcases famous works from film, television and advertising, created by make-up industry leaders. The museum often features rare photo collections, movie memorabilia and pieces from special make-up effects studios. Past contributors have included the Stan Winston Studio, Mike Hill, W.M. Creations, Creative Character, KNB EFX Group, the Chiodo Bros., Creature Effects and many others. The museum is your chance to see make-up history up close.

Josh-Turi-400pxJosh Turi (LEFT), an Emmy Award-winning make-up artist, will curate the 2015 museum. His New Jersey-based company Designs to Deceive has provided make-up, make-up effects, prosthetics and custom props for film, television and theater for more than two decades. Turi’s credits include key artist and lab tech for Saturday Night Live, prosthetic designer and department head for Orange is the New Black and prosthetic designer and department head for Mathew Barney’s River of Fundament.

For more on Turi and the Saturday Night Live make-up team, see Issue 113 of Make-Up Artist magazine. 


Here are some past New York Make-up Museum displays