Make-up Museum

The Make-up Museum showcases famous works from film, television and advertising, created by make-up industry leaders. The museum often features rare photo collections, movie memorabilia and pieces from special make-up effects studios. Past contributors have included the Stan Winston Studio, Mike Hill, W.M. Creations, Creative Character, KNB EFX Group, the Chiodo Brothers, Creature Effects and many others. The museum is your chance to see make-up history up close.

The curator for the 2014 museum will be Adrian Rigby, who took over from longtime curator Cliff Wallace in 2012. A former postman for the United Kingdom’s Royal Mail, Rigby trained as a make-up artist in 1995 at Preston College in Lancashire. After taking one of Nick Dudman’s short prosthetic make-up courses, Rigby got a job on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in 2001.

He continued to work for Dudman as a prosthetic make-up artist and wigmaker, through the final Harry Potter films. More recent work includes Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Game of Thrones, Jupiter Ascending and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Here are some past London Make-up Museum displays