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Rare Photos from ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and More

Live@IMATS video 6: An American Werewolf in London with Tom Hester and Norm Cabrera

In this video segment, make-up effects master Tom Hester (An American Werewolf in London) talks with Norm Cabrera and Matt Winston and shares rare photos.

Exclusive ‘Planet of the Apes’ Details

Live@IMATS video 5: Fred C. Blau Jr. and Rob Burman

In this video, award-winning make-up effects artists Rob Burman (The Thing) and Fred C. Blau Jr. (Planet of the Apes) share behind-the-scenes stories.

‘Star Wars’ Make-up Artists Discuss Career

Live @ IMATS video 4: Odd Studio

In this [email protected] video segment, Adam Johansen and Damian Martin discuss their varied careers, including work on Star Wars.

Learn ‘American Horror Story’ Make-up Secrets

Live@IMATS video 3: Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash

In this [email protected] video segment, Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash discuss their award-winning work on ‘American Horror Story’.

Take a Video Tour of the IMATS L.A. Museum

Live@IMATS video 2: Make-up Museum

In this [email protected] video segment, Matt Winston tours the IMATS L.A. Make-up Museum with Sam Bekerian, Michael Key and Mark Viniello.

‘Poltergeist’ Artist Craig Reardon Speaks!

Live@IMATS video 1: Poltergeist and Craig Reardon

In this [email protected] video segment, Matt Winston and Michael Key talk with Poltergeist creature and make-up effects artist Craig Reardon.

‘Star Wars’ Make-up Artist Bill Corso Joins IMATS Vancouver 2015

IMATS 2015: Bill Corso

Oscar winner and academy governor Bill Corso will be a keynote speaker for IMATS Vancouver 2015.

Johnny Depp’s Make-up Artist, Joel Harlow, Coming to IMATS Vancouver

IMATS 2015: Joel Harlow

Joel Harlow—Oscar winner and Johnny Depp’s make-up artist—will be an IMATS Vancouver 2015 keynote speaker.

CBS Artist Dishes on 65-Year Career at IMATS New York

News2015: Riccie Johnson

CBS artist Riccie Johnson will discuss her 65-years-and-going-strong career at IMATS New York 2015 during the Make-Up Artist Pro-Card Event.

Don’t Miss this Live IMATS Webcast from Stan Winston School

IMATS L.A. 2015 Live Webcast

Follow the link to see details on the Stan Winston School’s live IMATS webcast.