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‘American Horror Story’, ‘Doctor Who’ Artists Tell All!

Live@IMATS video 10: American Horror Story and Doctor Who artists interview

Watch this [email protected] video for a candid interview with Christien Tinsley (American Horror Story) and Neill Gorton (Doctor Who).

Mutation and Martian Make-ups: Exclusive Looks!

Live@IMATS video 9: Blancaflor, Fuller, Gilbert

Get an exclusive look at mutation and Martian make-ups from artists Roland Blancaflor, Bruce Spaulding Fuller and Dan Gilbert.

‘Beetlejuice’ Artist Inspires Future Generations

Live@IMATS video 8: Beetlejuice artist Steve LaPorte, along with Thom Surprenant

In this video, make-up artists Steve LaPorte (Beetlejuice) and Thom Surprenant (Donnie Darko) discuss their careers and future generations of artists.

‘The Avengers’ Artist Allan Apone Dishes on His Career

Live@IMATS video 7: Allan Apone

In this [email protected] video segment, Allan Apone discusses his long career, including working with Samuel L. Jackson.

Rare Photos from ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and More

Live@IMATS video 6: An American Werewolf in London with Tom Hester and Norm Cabrera

In this video segment, make-up effects master Tom Hester (An American Werewolf in London) talks with Norm Cabrera and Matt Winston and shares rare photos.

Exclusive ‘Planet of the Apes’ Details

Live@IMATS video 5: Fred C. Blau Jr. and Rob Burman

In this video, award-winning make-up effects artists Rob Burman (The Thing) and Fred C. Blau Jr. (Planet of the Apes) share behind-the-scenes stories.

‘Star Wars’ Make-up Artists Discuss Career

Live @ IMATS video 4: Odd Studio

In this [email protected] video segment, Adam Johansen and Damian Martin discuss their varied careers, including work on Star Wars.

Learn ‘American Horror Story’ Make-up Secrets

Live@IMATS video 3: Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash

In this [email protected] video segment, Eryn Krueger Mekash and Mike Mekash discuss their award-winning work on ‘American Horror Story’.

Take a Video Tour of the IMATS L.A. Museum

Live@IMATS video 2: Make-up Museum

In this [email protected] video segment, Matt Winston tours the IMATS L.A. Make-up Museum with Sam Bekerian, Michael Key and Mark Viniello.

‘Poltergeist’ Artist Craig Reardon Speaks!

Live@IMATS video 1: Poltergeist and Craig Reardon

In this [email protected] video segment, Matt Winston and Michael Key talk with Poltergeist creature and make-up effects artist Craig Reardon.