Master of Disguise: Secrets of facial transformation!

Learn tips, tricks and techniques that go into creating successful disguise make-ups. Then peek into the future to explore advancements in materials, applicators, 3-D printing and more.

Captivated and inspired by incredible transformations in such films as The List of Adrian Messenger as well as the original TV series Mission: Impossible, Rod Maxwell has spent a lifetime exploring and developing techniques to create believable disguise make-ups. In his own film The Wishing Well, he transformed himself into dozens of different characters, including the old-age make-up shown here re-created for Michael Spatola’s Monstrous Makeup Manual 3. Join Maxwell for this transformative master class at IMATS Los Angeles!

Price: $75 – Tickets on sale here.

*PLEASE NOTE: Class takes place prior to the Pro-Card Event on Jan 12. Class is open to the public. Make-Up Artist Pro-Card membership is NOT required to participate in this class. Class limited to 140 tickets. Ticket does NOT include entrance into the Pro Card Event.

Save $35 with the bundle price for both Rod Maxwell master classes of $95!