Speaker Bios

Aaron Knox

Artist Aaron Knox applies his airbrush skills to the human form, which allow him to bring creative designs to life through a range of artistic techniques that explode with design. His work is showcased at a number of conventions, including IMATS, Fan Expo Canada and the Allied Beauty show. Knox has appeared in publications including Make-Up Artist magazine, Xpressions Magazine and various web publications. Follow him on Instagram @knoxbodyart.

Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman is one of the owners of Immortal Masks, a company he started in his garage in 2010. Today, it is one of the most successful silicone mask companies. He is regarded as one of the top sculptors in his field, as well as being able to sculpt fast. His creative energy has led to a catalog of more than 100 masks and sleeves. The company continues to grow with clients such as Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Fox has been a professional make-up artist since 2000. Her background in theater and years of experience as a skincare expert help define Fox as a creative, insightful and innovative make-up artist.

Jeannie Chow

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Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick

Recognizable in the make-up industry for her unexpected play on texture, color and shape, Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick approaches beauty as high art, using the face as her canvas. After completing Blanche Macdonald Centre’s Global Makeup Artistry Program, Fitzpatrick pursued a concentration in advanced special effects at Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. She has been featured in numerous fashion publications, global campaigns and on the runway. Fitzpatrick emerged as the Best Makeup Artist Finalist at the 2016 Canadian Contessa Awards.
Michael Burnett

Michael Burnett

Two-time Emmy-nominated make-up artist Michael Burnett has been doing make-up in the film and TV industry for more than 30 years. Prior to forming his own make-up effects company, MBP Inc., Burnett worked with Rick Baker, Greg Cannom and Michael Westmore. Some of Burnett’s credits include The Ben Stiller Show, Universal Soldier, The Forsaken, Star Trek: Enterprise, Passions and Mad TV.  Burnett is currently the make-up designer for the Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

Mike Fields

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Mimi Choi

Mimi Choi is known for her surreal illusionist make-up creations using easy-to-find, everyday make-up products. The Blanche Macdonald graduate-turned-instructor has collaborated with Kryolan, Make Up For Ever, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Velour Lashes and musician Beck. Her work has also been featured in various international magazines, blogs and websites with more than 19 million views. Choi’s stunning illusionist creations have garnered her a flourishing online following of over 340,000 on Instagram (gaining nearly 250,000 in less than six months).

Roque Cozzette

Roque Cozzette is a make-up artist, photographer, innovator and educator who thinks creatively and creates strategically. His talent comes from the orchestrated sensibilities of hands, head and heart. He’s a seasoned beauty-industry pro with a multifaceted career spanning three decades. He is experienced in photography, television, print, fashion, celebrity image and cosmetic product development. He has co-created with celebrities including Christina Milian and Melody Gardot, and his brand (Cozzette) offers cruelty-free cosmetics, make-up brushes and beauty photography.

Siân Richards

Siân Richards is an award-winning make-up artist. Richards has worked in every avenue that make-up demands, from editorial to special effects. She won the Broadcast Film Critics Choice Award for the transformation she performed on Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas and was Emmy and 706 Guild Award nominated for her transformation of Queen Latifah into ’30s blues icon Bessie Smith. Richards just completed working on Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, just wrapped Avengers: Infinity War and will shoot Avengers 4 (Untitled) this fall. You can see more of her work on Chadwick Boseman on the Netflix original Message from the King. She also has a successful brand called Siân Richards London.

Ve Neill

Ve Neill is one of the most renowned make-up artists in the motion picture business. She has earned 21 international nominations that include eight Oscar nominations. She won three Academy Awards for Beetlejuice, Mrs. Doubtfire and Ed Wood, two Emmys for Pee-wee’s Playhouse and The Shining and a BAFTA for Pirates of the Caribbean. Neill created space travelers for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Galaxy Quest; rock ‘n’ roll vampires for The Lost Boys; transformed Johnny Depp into Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Ed Wood and Sweeney Todd; and Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire. She’s been a judge on the hit TV series Face Off and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Local 706. She has three films coming out this year: Shock and Awe starring Woody Harrelson and James Marsden, A Star is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and the quirky new life-inspired film Welcome to Marwen starring Steve Carell and Leslie Mann.

Werner Pretorius

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Zabrina Matiru

With 15 years’ experience as a make-up artist, Zabrina Matiru’s career has ranged from commercials to acclaimed television series. She is also personal make-up artist to Michael Bublé and Javier Bardem, as well as for the legendary athletes of Team Jordan. Among Matiru’s career highlights are designing make-up for The Muppets of Oz, Once Upon a Time, CW’s Supernatural—and teaching at Vancouver Film School. Currently, she is the make-up designer for Colony Season Three.